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FAQs ImplantStim
Q1 - What is ImplantStim?
ImplantStim is a bioelectric mouthpiece connected to an external FDA 510K market cleared stimulator that delivers specific patented and patent-pending bioelectric signaling sequences for controlled protein expressions designed to accelerate dental implant healing, osseointegration (bone in growth) and to reduce associated pain and discomfort. ImplantStim ultimately decreases the required time for a Dental implant to be fully loaded in normal activities such as chewing food without pain. * (we plan to complete the 25 patient study with the handheld as it will be mostly impossible to have patients travel back to Dr. Lee’s office 3x per week for 8 weeks)
Q2 - What is ImplantStim Wireless?
ImplantStim Wireless is a micro coil receiver crown placed on the top of a dental implant that communicates with an external electro magentic energy generator that serves to get the implant to deliver specific bioelectric signals to surrounding tissues to control release of specific proteins that accelerate dental implant healing, osseointegration (bone in growth) and reduces associated pain and discomfort.
Q3 - What is ImplantStim Plus?
ImplantStim Plus combines the benefits of precise bioelectric signaling controlled protein expressions with repeat delivery of biologics via a slow infusion re-fillable micro infusion pump placed on top of the dental implants. This micro pump is re-filled daily or weekly with the IS-15 implant healing acceleration composition comprised of a combination of these potential candidate components tooth pulp stem cells, bioelectric PRF, amniotic fluid, micro RNA gel, bone matrix, selected growth factors such as BMPs, nutrient hydrogel, oxygenated nanoparticles and bone matrix.
Q4 - What are the main mechanisms of action of ImplantStim?
Controlled release of OPG promotes osseointegration (bone in growth). SDF1 and PDGF promote stem cell homing and healing. Promotes rapid regeneration of tissues.
Rapid accelerated healing is a goal we’ve been seeking in implant dentistry for decades and with the ImplantStim combination bioelectric and biologics therapy keyed on highly precise controlled protein expressions, such as OPG, SDF1, PDGF, VEGF, and IGF1, we now may finally have a treatment that activates, amplifies, extends, enhances and accelerates the natural healing process. It is a very promising development for implant dentistry,
Dr. Valerie Kanter

Chief Medical & Scientific Officer of DentaCell Acclerator